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At Hair Enhancement Centers, we know hair.  Whether you have excessive hair loss, thinning, or weak hair, we have you covered with our FDA-cleared Clinical Hair Growth Laser treatments.

If you notice thinning or excessive shedding, HEC's Clinical Hair Growth Laser treatments prevents hair loss, improves hair quality and can regrow hair before the follicle stops producing hair.  During your free consultation, a detailed hair and scalp analysis is performed in order to determine if our treatment approaches are right for you.  This also acts as a baseline comparison for us as we map your progress throughout your treatment plan, under the care of our physicians. 

Our proven, FDA-cleared, medical-grade Clinical Hair Growth Laser treatment utilizes a three-stage process: 

1) Keep - Preventing further hair loss and reducing shedding/thinning
2) Improve - Improving overall hair quality, health and appearance
3) Grow - Regrowing hair before the follicle stops producing hair altogether

Our Device: Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Laser Machine

Not all lasers are created equal & thinning hair does not fix itself!

Many physicians feel that at-home products, such as LED Light Caps, can’t offer the same results as a powerful, medical grade low-light laser which can only be used under the supervision of a medical professional.

We use a very specific medical-grade laser light spectrum of 650 nanometers, which helps penetrate the scalp for maximum follicle stimulation and regrow recently lost or miniaturized hair.  It is widely recognized as the most effective, safe and non-surgical way to treat hair loss for both men and women.  Our FDA-Cleared cool laser therapy also helps increase circulation by 54% within the first treatment, which increases the size of capillaries and stimulates protein production, cell growth/function and tissue regeneration.  Appointments take only 20 minutes and treatments are non-invasive and completely painless.

Benefits of the Clinical Hair Growth Laser:

  • FDA-Cleared 

  • Doctor Supervised

  • No Side Effects or Downtime

  • No Surgery or Injections

  • No Pain or Heat

  • No Drugs or Messy Products

  • No Gimmick Devices

Clinical Hair Growth Device

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